Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002)

People love Shark movies. That is a fact that Hollywood seems to stick by. Jaws invented the summer blockbuster back in 1975 and is still considered one of the greatest movies to have been made. So since then, there have been roughly a hundred thousand shark movies released (most straight to DVD). Some have big budgets and great casts (Deep Blue Sea, The Meg), and the majority of them are done on the cheap, but all of them are bad. I’m sure this won’t be the last Shark Movie to appear in this blog.

This film sees John Barrowman play a lifeguard? I think he is a lifeguard. Anyway, he finds a big sharks tooth and then him and a paleontologist goes looking for a big shark, and boy do they find a big shark.

This movie found notoriety after John Barrowman became a household name. Filmed in 2002, Barrowman was an unknown actor just trying to make a living. There is no doubt he knew how awful this movie was but despite that he is a professional so he tried his best. I feel the fault here lies mainly with the director, David Worth. There are so many moments in this movie which is just a little off. For example, one of the scene locations is in an office which has giant portraits of George W Bush and Dick Cheney hanging on the wall. They aren’t small pictures, they are huge. They completely distract from the scene that is taking place and for no reason. I love stuff like this. Things that are completely normal for the director but make the viewer say ‘why have they done that?’

The scene below is a wonderful example of this. John Barrowman said that he said this line with the intention to just make his co-star corpse, however the director decided to put it in the movie anyway.

Looking for a Positive

This film is extremely enjoyable. It is made with such pride and ambition you can’t help but smile when something fairly simple is achieved. It is like when adults cheer and applaud when a baby stands up. When the giant shark attacks it comes as such a surprise because the rest of the film is crap, that you actually squeal with glee when it happens. You can feel the directors pride, like this is his magnum opus, when it is actually something quite basic.

Would I recommend this film?

Absolutely. Terrible dialogue, John Barrowman giving it 110%, and really over the top insane shark attacks makes this film a must see. It made me laugh, it made me cheer, it made me say ‘why have they done that?’. You may fear that you haven’t seen the first 2 Shark Attack movies and you may not be able to understand what’s going on. Well, you won’t understand what’s going on but that has nothing to do with the first 2 movies. This film stands alone with its plot and characters and turned a fairly forgettable series of films into something ludicrously fun and they did it by jumping the shark.


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