Ever since I was little I have loved movies. I used to incessantly horde VHS tapes as they were my prized possession. Any money I got I would wander down to the local Woolworth and buy the latest blockbuster. My mother and grandparents must have loved me an awful lot because I made them sit through some shit. I mean, I absolutely loved everything but if I had a child, I would love them a little less every time they demanded to watch David and the Magic Pearl. A film I insisted on watching at least once a day. Like I said, as a child I loved everything, but as an adult in his 30s I can objectively see that this film is utter garbage. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT!

As I grew older I studied film studies at A-level and then film making at university. I still remember those lectures, being sat down and told why Wim Wenders is the greatest filmmaker of all time. Where as his films can be classed as artistic works of genius, I’d rather watch Wild Wild West any day of the week. There is something mind numbingly fun about bad movies. There are some that try their best, put a lot of money into it, and fail miserably and there are some that set out to make a cheap movie and make a few quid, regardless of quality. I have seen nearly every film in the IMdB top 250, a list of some of the most popular and greatest films ever made, however, I still spend my time watching crap. After a long day at work, there is something quite joyous about truly enjoying something that hits all the wrong notes.

My name is Rhys and I watch bad movies.